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Portrait of Francis Walsh

Francis Walsh provides consultancy services and in-house training that sets the skills standards for many Australian government organisations.

His consultancy services are provided under the rubric The Communication Alignment Project. Focused on organisation-wide analysis and reform, this approach establishes outcomes focused on persuasion and understanding, placing communication as the central tenet that forms the foundation the efficacy of corporate structures.

To learn more, please visit The Communication Alignment Project.


The courses he currently offers are

  • Managing Writing for the Australian Public Sector
  • Office Writing for the Australian Public Sector
  • Public Sector Editing and Proofreading (Red Pen)
  • Dear Minister

Organisations that elect to have courses conducted in-house will gain the benefit of Francis Walsh’s insights and recommendations that relate directly to their staff’s professional needs.

Customised Course Meet Your Needs

Through Francis Walsh’s customised courses, departmental and agency requirements are reinforced during high-quality, professional development experiences.

Further, Francis Walsh provides a unique insight into the communication characteristics of those who receive your documentation. Staff are able to apply a higher level of precision to their writing to encourage more rapid approval of briefings, reports and correspondence.

Imagine your staff using the right words, developing the right arguments and creating the right structures in every document they write.

Memorable, relevant and meaningful training: the hallmark of Francis Walsh’s in-house service.

For more information, please contact Rushworth’s Business Manager.


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Office Writing for the Australian Public Sector

‘Office Writing’ gives you increased confidence to write letters, simple reports and submissions. You will polish your skills in grammar, punctuation and stylistic conventions.
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Managing Writing for the Australian Public Sector

‘Managing Writing’ helps you to write and manage various documents that meet high standards and achieve excellent outcomes.
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Dear Minister

‘Dear Minister’ shows you how to avoid the pitfalls and to achieve excellence in ministerial correspondence, Question Time Briefs and ‘action’ briefings.
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Public Sector Editing and Proofreading

‘Editing and Proofreading’ shows you the classic, three-level editing techniques used by professionals. You will also practise proofreading using the Commonwealth Style Manual and other key, editing resources.
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