The Communication
Alignment Project

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Ministers must receive information that is content-rich, well targeted and easily understood. Government organisations are charged with meeting that responsibility. Francis Walsh’s Communication Alignment Project provides specific and insightful analysis of ministerial and organisational communication characteristics.

It establishes appropriate communication standards and develops staff’s skills that can be rapidly and effectively deployed.

The foundation of the Communication Alignment Project is its use of the unique communication analytical methodology: Infra Language.

The Communication Alignment Project ensures that policy information, analysis and advice are provided in a manner that enhances organisational development.

The Project is offered in three forms.

Executive Communication Program
Investigation and measurement of organisational communication characteristics

Consultation and advice on methods of enhancing the effectiveness of all forms of communication provided to the executive and the minister

Management Communication Program
Analysis and measurement of current organisational communication characteristics

Development of new communication standards and formats

Professional development supporting managers and executives

Focus on communicating to staff, to executives and to the minister

The Craft of Public Sector Communication Program
Analysis and measurement of current communication roles of all relevant staff and stakeholders

Development of new standards and formats

Professional development that supports all relevant staff, managers and executives in the provision of written and verbal communication

Focus on training experiences that are carefully customised to ensure all participants acquire the requisite skills to ensure the most precise alignment of their communication

Explanatory Brochure
For further information, please download an ebrochure on The Communication Alignment Project.

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