Personal Patterns


Meet a fascinating suite of characters who experience, one way or another, the astonishing world of Infra Language. And, learn more in the process.

There is Marlyn Carsens, who lives in Chicago and is “blessed” with a (sort of) grown up daughter. There is Mateo Palomo, whose devious plans seem to come to fruition in Midtown Manhattan. And, there is the extraordinary star of the stage, Miss Cecilia Stendhal, who dominates everyone and everything relentlessly.

These characters, and more, are seen through the perceptive prism of Infra Language. You may see something of your life in them, as well.

Personal Patterns consists of six short stories with brief before and after commentary.

Length: about 12,700 words

Available in MOBI, EPUB and PDF formats.

MOBI: Kindle and Kindle Fire
PC, Mac, iPad, iPhone, Android, NOOK, Sony Reader, and other e-readers

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Beautiful Woman


Introduction to the first story “Patience is a Curfew.”

Marlyn Carlsen was patient. She had studied, considered, and lived patience for so long and so often it had become her way of life.

When she was young, she patiently waited until High School was finished. Then, she realized she had to go to college. She worked hard, scored good grades, and patiently waited for her academic years to end. All the while, she was waiting for a perfect partner and she found him in her first job. David and Marlyn were married five years after they first met. By then, he was in the Navy. He was away most of the time. And, Marlyn Carlsen was patience personified.

She was a beautiful woman. She looked great at 45: slim, petite, with long brown hair she sometimes tied with a scrunchy. But, for all her beauty, she profoundly misunderstood something about herself. She thought she was lazy. She believed she lacked motivation. Sometimes, she thought people hinted at that, and she was pretty certain it was true. She and they could not have been more wrong.

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