Managing Writing

for the Australian Public Sector

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The Managing Writing course provides instruction on

  • using grammar, punctuation and stylistic conventions
  • writing for readers of different abilities
  • developing sound arguments
  • persuading through writing
  • developing credible messages

The concepts dealt with in this course revise and extend the issues dealt with in the Office Writing course.

Intended participants
The ‘Managing Writing’ course is particularly suitable for people with tertiary education qualifications who are employed in public sector organisations. Their writing responsibilities may include creating reports, submissions, memorandums, briefs, minutes, correspondence, media releases, emails and other electronic text..

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Course length
Two days

The aim of this course is to develop participants’ skills in managing their own and others’ writing in the workplace.


  • to revise grammatical, punctuation and stylistic conventions
  • to develop a deeper understanding of the issues underpinning bureaucratic writing
  • to create better paragraphs which develop themes
  • to persuade readers to change behaviours
  • to use jargon appropriately
  • to write for readers with differing abilities
  • to create more credible messages
  • to construct effective submissions
  • to build sound arguments

To help you market this course to your colleagues, download this explanatory ebrochure.
Managing Writing eBrochure

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