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Infra Language …

That’s the rather technical title for a way of understanding people and how they communicate. “Infra” means below. So, Infra Language is the language of structure and intent.

It is based on the five different modes (or approaches) we use to communicate.

Those modes focus on

1. gathering information through our senses

2. measuring, assessing and drawing conclusions

3. accepting or rejecting those conclusions so that they become beliefs

4. expressing our feelings as a summary of those first three steps

5. taking action or causing others to do so, which leads to …

Well, you may already know what it leads to: new info.

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Actions lead to new information that we gather through the senses.

So, we endlessly move through this cycle: a short way of expressing it is Info, Infer, Infix, Infeel, and Inforce.

These five modes of expression take the form of structures in our communication.

So, we often use points of facts when gathering information.

We line up the facts and draw broad conclusions when we are in thinking mode.

Then, we gather all we know and create our truths when we focus on believing.

Afterwards, we rise crescendo-like when we show our emotions.

And, finally, we give commands or physically move when it is time for action.

But, we don’t express each mode equally as we move through this cycle. We linger longer in some mode and scoot through others.

Each of us has a unique pattern in the way we work through the modes, something like a personality type.

Once you know your own and other peoples’ patterns, you have tremendous power to reach out, to protect, to assist, and to persuade.

That’s the amazing, and often unrealized, power of Infra Language.

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