Francis Walsh

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Francis Walsh

Francis Walsh is an Australian communications expert who has written, edited, and published on human communication for over thirty years. From being a university teacher to being an expert in government communication, he has developed insights and techniques that are unique, immensely powerful, and easily applied.

Infra Language is the product of forty years of analysis and application. Francis Walsh has developed an approach to human communication that broadens our understanding and deepens our ability to reach out to others.

Francis Walsh has written fiction, self-help manuals, advertising, computer manuals, government policy documents, newsletters, communication texts, dictionaries, punctuation and grammar texts, Budget Papers, websites, ebooklets, newspaper feature articles, negotiation and meetings skills manuals and much more. He has edited, designed and published books in subjects as varied as art, anthropology, politics, communication, archaeology, social welfare, statistics and linguistics.

He has been a writing and communication consultant to three hundred government and private sector organisations including the Federal Parliament, and has taught fiction writing at the University of Canberra.

His simple, powerful system of communication, Infra Language, which is based on message structures, is widely used in government for writing documents as well as in one-to-one communication, negotiations, and meetings. His computerized language analyzer, DeepWord, uses Infra Language principles. His self-improvement e-book, “True Fluency,” offers a simple introduction to this approach.