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Why The Great Peace?

The Great Peace is an inevitable outcome of our deepening understanding of each other.

All “self-improvement” approaches and techniques take us just a little bit closer to that ideal attainment.

The Great Peace is a time when we will know so much about each other that we will become as one: the unity of nature itself.

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Where does Infra Language
fit into
The Great Peace?

Infra Language is a step along a seemingly endless path.

In fact, the path is not really without end because individuals experience a deeper and more meaningful sense of unity with each other the further they progress on this journey.

There are many aspects to the development of The Great Peace.

Infra Language is just one small step along the way so many have trod.

“Know More” Series

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Do you have any religious
or political allegiances?

Neither The Great Peace nor Francis Walsh has any particular religious or political affiliations.

The history of the world has shown us various religious and political groups that claim to own peace or to own the word of God. Some carry a mustard seed of truth. Some, if you observe their actions, have lost it.

Learning how to reach out to others and how to understand them more deeply is fundamentally in your hands.

Principles and Philosophies

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Where can I learn more
about Infra Language?

You will find more sources of information, advice, and practical tips in this website.

Some knowledge is free. Some is available at minimum cost.

The important thing to remember is that you must practice continually so that the benefits of Infra Language come to you automatically. The more you learn and practice, the more the insights and influencing power will come to you.

It is like learning a language. The more you learn, the easier it gets.

Understand Infra Language


Is The Great Peace pacifist?

In its final manifestation, The Great Peace is most likely to be pacifist, but that may be thousands of years from now.

Until then, there will be torments and battles that will need to be endured or won.

Our forebears, who fought against evil, were not pacifist but they were inspired by the same spirit that moves towards The Great Peace.


Why do you think we are headed towards The Great Peace?

Every piece of information we receive, every technique we apply and insight we gain, develops our minds. We learn more and become more powerful.

Of course, that power can be used for good or bad. However, it seems that the motivation for gaining knowledge and its ever-widening use will eventually overwhelm the bad.

There will be headwinds, but progress to profound understanding and equanimity seems inevitable.

Step Forward

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How does technology align with The Great Peace?

The world of technology provides a perfect metaphor for the path towards The Great Peace.

Some technology is used for evil purposes. Some is used for good. But, overall, we can see that the benefits may, over time, far outweigh any harm.

With such tremendous change, technology can seem frightening. Horror predictions are easily developed but may not turn out to be true. For example, the creation of apps, like Google Translate, which helps people to communicate instantly, could be a source of tremendous good for the world.

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The Great Peace

Certainty and Joy


We’ll Make It.