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The Public Sector Editing and Proofreading Course provides instruction on

  • structural editing
  • content editing
  • copy editing
  • proofreading
  • dealing with authors, designers, IT publishers and printers

Intended participants
The Editing and Proofreading course is suitable for people who are expected to edit and proofread documents for publication whether the readership is within a particular organisation or in the general community..

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Course length
One day

The aim of this course is to develop participants’ skills in performing the key editing and proofreading functions of a professional editor.

The objectives of this course are to help participants to prepare documents for internal release or external publication through

  • assessing and revising the structure of documents
  • examining and rewriting various elements of the content of documents
  • appraising and correcting the grammar, punctuation and spelling conventions of documents
  • effectively proofreading and marking up copy in preparation for printing
  • dealing professionally with authors

To help you market this course to your colleagues, download this explanatory ebrochure.

Public Sector Editing and Proofreading eBrochure

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