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It’s Back to Work You Go!

Help for retirees who are going back to work

Sometimes governments forget about older people, so much so that, nowadays, many retirees are thinking that they are the forgotten generation. You have heard about Generation X and Gen Y (the millennials). The old folks aren’t Baby Boomers. They are Generation F: the forgotten generation.

Despite the limits on income levels when receiving a pension, many retirees believe that they need to go back to paid work so they can make ends see each other, even if they may not actually meet.

But, it is not just the extra money that is luring Generation F back to work. Many want to make sure they are secure. They want to retain connections with their community and keep their standard of living as high as possible.

And, most of all, Gen F wants to feel valued.

Many people who are retired, particularly women, have decided that they need to continue working or go back to it, even if it’s part time. This approach is called phased-retirement.

But, they don’t want any job. They need something that meets their particular needs and suits their circumstances. 

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Which Job Should They Take?

Gen F should adopt the attitudes of Gen X (they are now in their late thirties to early fifties). People in Gen X look for a job that fits. They don’t try to fit into the job. What is going to work for you? What type of person is the employer looking for? 

You must match yourself with the job with much greater precision than you ever did back in 19.. ????(I better not add those last two numbers!)

Don’t start with the money and the availability of the job. Nowadays, there may be more jobs than in the past, and the salary may be negotiable. The jobs may be brand new, too.


And, if a job isn’t right for you, the job can go hang. 

So, the question is: “What’s right for me?” First you have to understand a few things about you.

To do this, answer Question 1 in the table below. Choose an answer that truly suits you. Be utterly honest. No-one else will know.

Then, answer the question with ‘a)’ at the start. It is green.

When you have done that, answer the second question. It has ‘b)’ at the start. It is orange.

If you answer both with the same word, give yourself one mark.

If your answers are different, unfortunately, you get zero.

Now, answer Questions 2 to 10.

Count the number of questions you answer exactly the same way.

Question 1

a) Which is your strongest sense?

b) Which sense is most needed
in the job?

Question 2

a) Are you able to concentrate for long periods?

Does the job need you to concentrate over long periods?

Question 3

a) Do you often calculate, measure, compare, and contrast things?

Does the job involve calculating, measuring, comparing, and contrasting?

Question 4

a) Before you make a decision, do you gather all the facts?

Does the job entail that you gather all the facts before you make a decision?

Question 5

a) Do you believe that you know a lot about life?

Does the job require that you know a lot about life?

Question 6

a) Do you change your approaches to solving problems?

Does the job involve creatively changing your approaches to solving problems?

Question 7

a) Are you a positive person?

Does the job need a positive person?

Question 8

a) Do you express your emotions openly?

Does the job need you to express your emotions openly?

Question 9

a) Are you often physically active?

b) Does the job require you to be physically active?

Question 10

a) Do you tell other people what to do?

Does the job require you to tell other people what to do?

Is That Job Right For You?

Number of answers in agreement?


No way. Rethink what sort of work you want to do. 

1 or 2

You and the job are far from compatible. It’s best to keep looking. 

3 or 4

You may suffer this job until you find something better. But, it really doesn’t suit you. 

5 or 6

This job may tide you over, but you must try to find more suitable work so that your skills are better used.

7 or 8

This job is a pretty good fit, but you need to watch the area where you are not compatible. That is where trouble will arise.

9 or 10

Hi Ho, Hi Ho. It’s off to work you go! You have probably found the right job for you. Now you know how a Gen Xer feels!

Whatever the rating, do the right thing for … YOU.

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