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Five Types of Homes

Is your home right for you?

A home is an expression of human characteristics and, as such, fits into the pattern of the five modes of expression.

Do you ever feel that you and your home are not quite right for each other?

Sometimes, your decision to rent or buy can lead to endless problems. You can become tangled in turmoil-filled renovations but never feel completely comfortable. And, it can cost you thousands more than you ever planned for.

Your house or apartment must fit you, and, if it doesn’t, living there will be maddening. When you are making that big decision, you must first let the home talk to you.

colorful homes

There is a simple and profound way to understand a home. It’s based on the principle that humans express themselves in five basic ways, so homes, being people-made, are a neat fit.

There are five types of homes: the Picture, the Place, the Preserve, the Passion, the Pursuit.

Let’s look at them up close.

(If you’ve already read about neighborhood disputes, you will know something about this.)

The Picture Home

The Picture Home is very common, even with all its variations. It is “picture perfect” whether made of modern concrete and sheet glass or cottage-garden gables and greenery. The Picture Home is about what you see. The image overrides practicality and principles. It may leak or creak but it looks good and, for the right person, that will be all that matters.

Modern White House

Of course, if you are practical, introspective, careless, or emotional, this place may be monstrous. Picture Homes don’t take well to random renovations. They are high maintenance and may owe more to the latest fad than they ever owe to their owners.  Remember, all that glitters isn’t necessarily all that matters.

The Place Home

The Place Home is detached (emotionally) and is often neglected and, sometimes, can’t be resurrected. The owner comes and goes without much interest or concern. He or she is detached from the Place Home that seems to them nothing more than a hotel. For this person, there is no place like home. In fact, there is no home. It’s a house. And, they simply don’t care that much about it.

Place Home with Trees

If you love a pretty picture or want to hide in your sanctuary, then never go near the Place Home. If you want a home to love, this will be cold to your advances. If you want a home to work in, this building will become “the job.” There will be no choices as you endlessly correct the corrosion, crumbling woodwork, and grumbling pipes.

The Preserve Home

The Preserve Home is obvious because it is not obvious. The blinds are drawn, the hedge is high, the garden path curves out of sight. You will have trouble finding the front door first time you call. You have entered someone else’s preserve.

It is a site of safety and security. It’s a retreat where someone can shut off the world. Even the decoration tells you about their values. It is about identity not beauty.

Large House with Daisies

This place can be heaven or hell. If you crave a perfect, secret haven, you have found it. If you want to party loud and long, to look great on the street, to run a fun business, to express yourself emotionally, this is not the home for you.

The Passion Home

The Passion Home is mad and merry but can be deeply maudlin. It is made for the heart. Everything has an emotional reference: the perfectly curving garden path is where little one-year-old Adele spoke her first word; the gargoyle wired to the chimney is there to scare away any witches; the cracked window is a charming reminder of the time someone threw a coffee cup in a crazy, lounge room game.

Man and Woman Toasting with Coffee

Everything exudes or references feelings: happiness, sadness, anger, gladness.

This is a home that will fight you if you don’t really care. Renovations, in fact, all activities must be emotionally inspired. This home will be a real problem because it doesn’t care about pretty or practical. It should never be neglected because it will fall down around you in a deliberate act of spite. This is the frightening power of this Passion Home. You can feel it.

The Pursuit Home

The Pursuit Home may be a little hard to recognize. It’s a place for activity, so it can take many different outward forms. Some Pursuit Homes have brilliant gardens: the product of years of effort and dedication. Some have workshops where entire yachts are built or racing cars maintained. Some have a full office or sports facilities such as a tennis court and a swimming pools.

Man Building Car

Some Pursuit Homes are well maintained because the owners do it themselves. Others are neglected because the occupants’ activity has nothing to do with the home itself.

The key to recognizing a Pursuit Home is in seeing it as a center of activity. If you want a quiet sanctuary, this place will not be right. If you want to express yourself with subtlety and love, this place will be too utilitarian, too rough-and-ready. If you want a pretty picture of a place, you shouldn’t buy a factory or a gym.

This place is for action, for pursuing a pursuit.

And, of course, there are homes that are combinations.  

The Picture-Preserve is a hidden haven that looks exquisite when you finally find it.

The Place-Pursuit is neglected but a perfect setting for the activity of the owner.

If you like the Place but not the Pursuit, your lifestyle will be changed or the house will have to be altered.

Same goes for any combination that only partly fits.

So, don’t make a mistake. Let the house talk to you before you buy or rent. Be sure you are compatible so that living there will be easy.

Make it just right.

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