Your Family: define it and align it.

Feet of two adults and baby in bed.

What’s Your Family Really Like?

Have you ever noticed that many families have a particular feeling about them? They share an atmosphere of interaction styles and personal history that can draw you in when you come into its orbit for the first time.

Some families are photogenic. Some generate music. Some spend time discussing stuff. Others share beliefs: social, political, religious, or cultural. A family might be riotously emotional. Or, it might express itself by running marathons.

It is not that the parents and kids are all the same: that’s unlikely. The family has enough focus on one type of expression for that to dominate. There are some members in the center of that expression and others on the periphery: rather like the sun and the planets.

So, what’s your family like?

You can use Infra Language to help you get the right answer.

Give a value out of ten to each of the five Infra Language modes.

All you have to do is answer these questions: How much does my family …

  1. focus on information? (Remember, that is likely to be something to do with the senses: seeing, hearing, touching, smelling, tasting.)
  2. measure, evaluate, and make decisions?
  3. refer to their beliefs, attitudes, faith?
  4. express themselves emotionally?
  5. participate in physical activities?

Imagine that your answers were: 4, 6, 2, 8, 8.

That would mean that your family focus is definitely about expressing: emotionally and physically. Now, if one or two members are not so interested in their feelings and physical activities, they may be a little left out. They may not be all that interested in going on a long hike in the mountains with everyone else. (Or, they might bring a book or an iPad to keep themselves from getting bored.

If you are the parent of a kid like that, you should push that third question above (the one that got 6 as a result) during the hike. Get your child’s brain working on measuring, evaluating, and deciding. Because you gave that question a value that was second highest, you’ll find the more outgoing members will soon join in and the family will hold together and be strong.

To learn more about Infra Language, visit the Know More series. You’ll find lots of useful insights about your home, your neighbors, and even about your workplace.

So, what’s the makeup of your family?

Family around a campfire

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