Thinking: Doing focuses; emoting blurs.

Thinking: Drill biting into wood

When you focus on doing something, your thinking closes down. Or, rather, your thinking focuses on the job at hand. The end.

Normally, when you think, it’s like wandering around YouTube: a treasure of information and learning. But, if you build, repair, or install something in the physical world, that action gives your brain a rest by just focusing on technical thoughts and doing stuff like hewing, gluing, and screwing.

Just as feelings suppress thinking, action circumscribes thinking, as well. Both of the expressive modes (infeel and inforce) are powerful hombres.

So, modes have an innate relationship with each other and, when one is fully in play, the makeup of that mode will dominate. Do modes have their own mode makeup? Clearly, they do.

Earlier, I wrote, “… your thinking focuses on the job at hand. The end.” Notice the last two words: “The end.” We are talking about action that reaches a conclusion. That’s infer mode (reasoning to a conclusion) and infix mode (where we store our beliefs).

For me, doing something physical is a relief. Right now, I am installing cabinets and benchtops in my laundry. I am ready to get back to my thinking job but, for now, I have to attach a splashback to a wobbly wall.

I’m sure this cabinetry break will help hugely when I am back at my computer. Probably, I’ll be better focused on the job at hand. The end.

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