Ancient Bookstores: the sirens’ call

Spanish street with bookstore

“The bookstore had two differently shaped doors cut into an aging, black façade. Transfixed by the old-world charm of windows blocked in with antique books, he read the name: Librería Pérez Galdós.”

“The Great Peace: Journey to the Heart”
Francis Walsh

Yes, there is something about bookstores. Irresistible.

So, how about ancient bookstores? Magical and mysterious. Behind the counter you’ll almost always find someone who is so impossibly knowledgeable and inscrutable that you know you are in the right place to shift to another universe. And, that’s what you want. To fly away. To someplace else.

That’s what Cole and Elin saw in my novel “The Great Peace:” something alluring and astonishing.

The trouble was, by focusing on this object of desire they created an opening for a malicious character to attack them. It was Cole and Elin’s weakest moment.

But that was just the start. It devasted Cole. But, Elin was exalted by its challenge. She would never surrender to malice. Never.

The nasty character then faced the fight of his life. And, so did Elin.

“The Great Peace: journey to the heart.”

I’ll tell you the moment my novel is released.

Do you love bookstores?

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