Their Hands Tell the Story

Couple holding hands

Sometimes, people’s hands are the most expressive part of their messages.

It is fascinating and impressive to meet someone with marvellously fluid and expressive hand movements. If you watch fine actors and ballet dancers, you will see how subtle and insightful finger and hand positions and movements can enhance their character and deepen the story they are telling. Think about classical Indian and Balinese dancers whose iconic gestures speak with the profound impact of poetry.

Infra Language provides a deeper insight into body language that I have always been searching for.

When people clasp their hands, it means “I have concluded,” or “This I believe.” They have finished infer mode or they are in infix mode. The conclusion drawn in infer is the door to infix mode, and, probably, they sometimes overlap.

You can see similar positioning of hands and fingers with people in prayer.

So, watch their hands to know where people are in the Infra Language mode sequence.

Chopping down or pointing often indicates info mode.

Spreading or closing cupped hands suggests infer mode.

Clasped hands or praying means they have probably reached an infer mode conclusion or they are now in infix mode.

Hands wandering around the face or opening away from the body could be infeel mode.

And, definitive, iconic positions, such as open palm forwards for “stop” and crooked finger curling inward repeatedly for “come here,” are classic inforce mode gestures.

So, now you know what you have to say or do next. Empathize with them by joining in their current mode or influence them by taking them to the next mode in the Infra Language sequence.

Speak to me with your hands so that I may know you.

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