The Alhambra: Halfway to Heaven

Doorway in the Alhambra overlooking Granada

“After passing through the gardens of the blissful Generalife summer palace, the travelers floated into the Alhambra itself.
    Inside the building, the walls were covered with carved diamonds of alabaster, cascading, not from the ceiling, but from paradise itself. In the white marble courtyards, shimmering ponds mirrored filigree fountains that flashed and splashed in the sunlight. These were perfect little worlds of harmonious, mathematical proportion.
    This was the palace of the Moorish caliphate, when north African Muslims ruled al-Andalus. It sat high on the dominating hill, halfway between Granada’s warm earth and heaven’s cool, roiling clouds.
    When they were saturated with its magnificence, Elin and Dean strolled alone into delightful gardens. Water gushed in from the snows of the Sierra Nevada along ancient channels. It fed sprinklers that, in the warming day, left leaves wet and flowers glistening, waving in the slow, riding air. The soil was aromatic and sensuous.
    Elin breathed. “It’s incredible the Alhambra is still here. It could have easily drifted away.”
    “Magical. And, here we are, part of its … life. We are drawn to places that describe us.”

Extract from “The Great Peace: journey to the heart”

As if the confronting magic of the Alhambra was not enough, Elin and Dean experience another mystical strike that will change their lives, although they didn’t know it at the time.

Please visit this extraordinary place at least once in your life. It hovers over the beautiful Spanish city of Granada. Above it are the snow-capped mountains of the Sierra Nevada. Below it, the land, particularly to the south, is dry and barren. But, here is an oasis of world class beauty, elegance and poise: a cool, shaded sanctuary for the soul.

If you have been to the Alhambra, tell me about it. It must be the place on earth that is closest to heaven.


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