We’ll Make It

lake and forest

“We’ll Make It.” You may have seen that sub-heading above the links at the bottom of the home page. It has two meanings.

First, it’s a positive acclamation that this ideal can and will be achieved. Second, it’s an exhortation to become a part of this creation of deeper understanding of all humans.

Clearly, The Great Peace will not happen in our lifetime. But, each of us can reach a state of insight that gives us, and those we love, an exquisite taste of its profundity.

The Great Peace of the future is an outcome of all the learning and application we have experienced about each other. It is the name of a time when everyone will know and react to each other so perfectly that the walls between us will dissolve.

Infra Language is just a small step along this momentous path. It focuses on learning the deep language we all use but rarely understand.

I would be so pleased to know that you have gained some benefit from learning about how we can reach out to each other in a harmony that resonates to the heavens.

Let’s start along the beautiful path to The Great Peace now.

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